Intro & Scenic Flights

Gift certificates are available for Intro & Scenic Flights!

Introductory Flights

Only $99.00!

The Introductory Flight is approximately one hour of flight instruction relating to the basics of flying and a summary of the academics required to become a certified pilot.

Under the supervision of the Certified Flight Instructor, the student will be as active as possible to include participating in pre- and post-flight procedures, piloting the aircraft, and more. The objective of the Intro Flight is to expose the individual to the experience of flying an aircraft and the basic theory of operating the flight control systems. All Intro Flights can be logged as flight training time and can be used to meet the experience requirements. The student will also receive a First Flight Certificate signed by one of SpanaFlight’s Certified Flight Instructors. It's time to satisfy your curiosity and take your place in the pilot seat!

Scenic Flights

Only $225.00!

Scenic flights are flown in our Cessna 172s at an hourly rate of $225 plus tax. These aircraft can accommodate up to three people* and can fly you quickly and comfortably wherever you would like to go with in a twenty mile radius of the Pierce County Airport. If you would like to take a look at your home or anything else within this geographical area, we can accommodate you. Round-trip flights to Mt. Rainier take an average of one hour.

*Aircraft weight limits apply.

Aerial Photography

Please contact us for pricing!

Whether you are in need of marketing material, require aerial images for planning, site research, development monitoring and mapping amongst many others, or simply are an avid photographer and would like to freeze that sunset over Seattle, we have experienced flight instructors who can pilot you to your area of interest.

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